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The material

Can you then pick up the first best stick and start carving? It's not that simple. There are some things that can be good to know before you go out for topics or start carving on a piece of wood from Täljogram. Each tree is unique and there is a big difference not only between different species but also individuals within the same tree species. Special experience and knowledge is required to be able to assess and read a tree's possibilities based on its appearance. Most often, you are looking for a twig-free straight-grown material that is easy to process with simple hand tools. Birch is one of the most common types of wood to craft from in Sweden and the type of wood we at Täljogram use the most. This is because it is relatively easy to process in fresh condition and becomes hard and durable when it has dried, and because it is Sweden's most common deciduous tree. Different types of wood offer different possibilities and properties, which means that it is not possible to say which type of wood is "best". Which type of wood you use depends on what you are going to carve and what you have access to!

Why fresh?

Fresh wood contains a lot of water in the cells, which gives a compliant and wonderful counting experience. When the wood dries, the properties change, the wood becomes harder and the carving more laborious. This is the reason why you want to carve as much as possible while the wood is still fresh and contains a lot of water. With this said, you get the finest carved surface when the wood has been allowed to dry, which is why you want to leave some carving until the wood has dried. To what we call rent sales.

Täljograms vacuum-packed wood

The majority of the trees Täljogram uses are from our own forest in Nyåker and by far the most used type of wood is birch. By vacuum packing the pieces of wood shortly after the tree is felled and the wood is still fresh, we can preserve the positive counting properties. How long depends on how the vacuum-packed wood is handled and preserved. The colder they are stored, the longer it lasts. The packages are sensitive to impacts and shocks, which can cause the vacuum to drop. A frozen vacuum-packed piece of wood can stay "fresh" for several years. The pieces of wood we offer are prepared to make it easier to get started with the counting. It is often enough to have only one knife on hand, but spoon knife, saw and ax are very useful tools to have in your toolbox. We offer two different quality levels Prima and Andrahand. It should be remembered that wood is a natural material and no two pieces of wood are alike, therefore the appearance and carving experience will be able to vary from one piece of wood to another.

Our wood

In our pieces of wood, we strive for as straight-grown wood as possible without twigs and marrow (the middle of the tree). It provides a piece of wood that is easy to machine with cutting tools. The pieces of wood are designed with increasing dimensions, so that you as a carpenter have the opportunity to get to know the wood and put your own shape on the intended object. This excess means that there may be smaller twigs or twigs / bark in the outer edges of the pieces of wood, this is easily removed at the beginning of the counting process and does not affect your intended final shape.

Second hand

To reduce waste and take advantage of as much material from each tree we fell, we also offer pieces of wood of inferior quality than our regular pieces of wood. Second-hand sorted pieces of wood contain a greater variation in size, more twigs and defects may occur. Carving becomes more challenging and you have to adapt to the piece of wood, but it is possible to make fine objects from these pieces of wood as well.


We want to inform you what you can expect and when you can contact us in complaint matters.
The vacuum

Should be intact when it comes to you as a customer. After that, no guarantee is given as to how long the vacuum will last, as this is largely due to further handling. If you do not carve your piece within the next few days, we recommend storage in the freezer, otherwise the refrigerator is a good alternative.


May occur due to the temperature in relation to the vacuum and the properties of the wood. Minor greenish dots may appear on the surface of the piece of wood due to residual sawdust from the manufacturing process. This is very superficial and is not a basis for complaint, it is removed at the beginning of the counting. A major mold attack, on the other hand, should not occur when the wood reaches you as a customer. However, it can occur due to the further handling, so always handle your vacuum-packed wood with care and always keep it chilled, preferably frozen.


Which can occur when you open your vacuum-packed bag disappears over time and does not affect the end result or quality of your piece of wood or your finished item.

The form

Assessed carefully by us before we vacuum pack our pieces of wood. Wood is a natural material, which means that the piece of wood you get can differ from the pictures in our web shop. In the sections Our wood and Second hand above, you can read more about what you can expect for quality for each piece of wood.

Handling & storage of vacuum packed wood

Your piece of wood is a fresh product and should be stored refrigerated for best durability. If you plan to carve within a few days, you can store your vacuum-packed wood in the refrigerator. If you have to wait longer than that, the freezer is the best option.


Sedan starten har Täljogram samarbetat med Morakniv. Genom tiderna har det funnits 15 stycken knivtillverkande företag i Mora, idag är Morakniv med sina varumärken det enda som lever kvar.


Vi har verkligen längtat efter Julias första täljyxa och är mycket glada att ha den i vårt sortiment. Yxan är utvecklad med hjälp av bland annat duktiga slöjdaren Beth Moen, och oj vad bra den blev!  Julia berättar mer om sin filosofi här på sin hemsida.

Gränsfors bruk

I byn Gränsfors i norra Hälsingland  har det tillverkats handsmidda yxor i över 100 år. Vi är glada att jobba med dem och erbjuda våra kunder yxors som slöjdare använt och uppskattat i generationer. Läs gärna mer på deras hemsida här!

Dianova Lapstone

Tänk att ett av värdens bästa diamantbrynen tillverkas i Västerbotten! Kul tyckte vi och ett telefonsamtal senare har vi två olika modeller i våran shop. Här på deras hemsida visar dem hur du använder deras brynen.

Wermlands Linkompani

Vi blev glada när vi hittade Wermlands Linkompani via ett inlägg på Instagram och ännu gladare när de villa samarbeta med oss. Numera hittar ni deras sköna linolja både i alla våra kit och till försäljning på flaska i vår shop.