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Small TäljKit
Small TäljKit
Small TäljKit
Small TäljKit

Small TäljKit


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Little Tälkkit gives you an introduction to a tent. Tälkity holds the most fundamental thing to get started on tents and the two vacuum-packed fresh wooden pieces in birch birch offers on lovely and creative tents under any time you like. It is said that all that is needed to enjoy a whittling is a sharp knife and a fresh piece of wood. Now the rest is in your hands.

  • Eleventh marquis
  • 2 fresh wood chunks 200x50x20 mm
  • Morakniv Täljknife 120
  • Sandpaper in three feltgames
  • Raw Kallpressad Linoil 30 ml
  • Patches

Keep it fresh : The fresh vacuum packed wood pieces shall be stored in the refrigerator until use. Should the wooden bits be longer than a month, the best option is to be in the best option.